On Saying You're Busy

Thoughts on saying you're busy.

Have you ever asked someone how they're doing and they responded that they're good but they're just so busy?

Now, trust me, I get it.

You're busy.

But, guess what, so is everyone else.

Everyone's level of busy is different though, isn't it?

The person who doesn't normally do anything, but for someone reason does a little more this week, feels extremely busy.

Compare that person to someone else who has accomplished more by 8am than the first person did all day. And would they describe themselves as busy?

Sure. You're busy. But compared to what?

When someone says they're busy it doesn't actually give you an idea of how they are doing. They may feel like their life is busy but compared to yours, it's a cake walk.

December, with the holiday's coming up, is an extremely busy month for everyone. I get it. You're busy.

However, next time you're tempted to tell someone that you're just so busy right now think about this:

Your saying that you're busy doesn't help anyone. It doesn't enlighten anyone on how you're actually doing.

Busy can be addictive. Is the busy-ness actually productive? There's no way to know.

Try not to say you're busy.

I try to avoid responding with "I'm busy".

Instead tell them what's new in your life and what you're up to. Tell them about your goals and what's driving you. Or maybe how you're feeling and what you're thinking about.

Try to do better than saying you're busy.