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I began working on websites in 2006. However when I began I never would have imagined the path my professional life would take.

I started out in web usability (I have a masters degree in applied psychology with an emphasis in human-computer interaction). What this means is that I understand the psychology behind how to make a website users love. I did usability, I trained others how to do usability (one-on-one, seminars, and I developed and taught University courses on the topic), and I ran a usability team.

I never considered myself a creative person, whatever that means. If I could go back in time I'd tell young me that the reason I’m not creative is that I never really tried to be creative.

The first time I tried to express my creativity was with small web design projects. I had hired someone to do a website for me and the design wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be. So I would design little parts of the interface. This went on for some time, the company I hired would deliver web designs and I would see flaws in the design (my usability training definitely played a role in this) and so I would redesign it and send it to them to create.

Since I had self-identified as a non-creative person, it took me a long time to realize that my designs were not only better than this professional design company I had hired, but they were simply good without needing any comparison at all.

Equipped with a new self title of maybe a creative person. Maybe. I designed a website and then I learned HTML and CSS and built it. It was so simple and probably not very good but I loved every second of it. Creating it brought me alive.

I knew I had to do more websites. So, I did. I designed and built multiple websites. Some for myself and some for others. Before going very far down this path I realized I needed to learn more than just HTML and CSS. I started learning a couple different programming languages (PHP and Python for you nerds out there) but when I started learning Ruby on Rails I knew it had ruined me for all the other languages. I loved it. I found it beautiful and clean.

Looking back I realize that with each project I could see myself getting better. My goal is for that to never change. Ever.

I am the web designer at KickoffLabs. When I'm not working at KickoffLabs, you might find me spending time with my family, reading (I am a voracious reader), or working on one of my side projects. Right now I'm creating memorates.

I absolutely love what I do.

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